Nika Collection

Club House is pleased to present the Nika Collection, a collection created during the 2020 pandemic in collaboration with designer Nina Aleksic.
When going out and travelling is not possible, we just have to close our eyes and let our imagination take flight.

And that’s how the 6 decors transport us from the pristine banks of the Mekong River to the fairy-tale Dutch countryside.
The decors are made in our Rosa line.


Nina Aleksic was born in 1998 in Trieste, the city of coffee par excellence.

She’s always been passionate about the creative world. She completed her university studies in product design in Milan.
Her works have a precise aim: to understand what people need and to respond with ethical awareness, technical knowledge and aesthetic harmony.

Nika Collection

The new collection
designed by the artist Nina Aleksic
for Club House.

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